Monday, April 11, 2011

I love my Kindle: And let me tell you why!

So, I’ve had my Kindle now for a few months and I have to say I’m in LOVE!
  •  So first there is how lightweight it is. I’d have to say it weighs less than a paperback.
  •  It is so easy to hold! With a book, you have to use two hands to keep it open and turn pages. With a Kindle you can hold it with one hand or lay it down and just click a button to turn pages. Lazy I know, but when it is cold and you’re curled in a blanket having only one hand exposed instead of two is preferable.
  • So for those of us that read in public, while you are waiting or on public transit, no one can tell what you are reading. You know those annoying people that try to get a glimpse of the cover or ask to see the cover, or have read the book and want to discuss it right in the middle of whatever sentence you are reading… Well you don’t have that problem with the Kindle. And if you get one of the leather covers it just looks like you are looking at a planner.
  • Shopping! You know I had to get in shopping somewhere. You have a whole bookstore at your finger tips! A few clicks a few searches and 30 seconds to download and you have a brand new book waiting for you. No getting in the car, wasting gas, or wandering around looking for your section. It’s instant gratification at its finest!(although I do have to admit I still like to go into the bookstore and wonder around and look at the pretty covers)
  • Tons of FREE reads! If you go to there is a free eBook section and there are tons of them! I think I downloaded something like 30 free books just because I could!
  • Free up space. I had books everywhere! I live in a fairly small space, and there were paperbacks laying everywhere. I was able to tuck those all away and now I just have one small device lying wherever I put it.
  • Kindle App. So I have a smart phone, the Droid X to be exact (LOVE my phone but that’s another story), so I downloaded the Kindle App on my phone. My actual Kindle and the Kindle App on my phone sync so if I want to read on my phone, I can do so without missing a beat. And I thought the font on my phone would be tiny and hard to read but it’s actually a decent size and easy to read.
  • Never losing your place. Speaking of syncing, the Kindle keeps your place. You can go back, skip around and there is an option to go back to the furthest place read. And as previously mentioned, it sync’s to your phone and there is now a computer app too that you can download for your PC.
  • Go Green! So not that I am a total Green nut, but I do try to practice Reduce, Reuse, Recycle as much as I can. I feel better knowing that I am not using more paper resources, and there is no gas used to drive my book around. It may not be much, but I feel like it can make a small difference. I mean if you think about it, there is a LOT of paper in each book. If everyone moves to eBooks then how many trees can be saved? 

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