Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Must Read: Any Man of Mine – Rachel Gibson

So it is no secret that I love me some Rachel Gibson, she never disappoints me. Every book she has written I have thoroughly enjoyed if not completely loved. This one I love, it’s not my favorite but it is definitely up there.

In this book there is Passion, Romance, Sarcasm, Emotions and Humor. Rachel Gibson has a way of making her characters human and real. They have insecurities and hang ups just like everyone else and it really makes you relate to the characters and Any Man Of Mine is no exception. You get flash backs to Las Vegas, and who doesn’t love Vegas?!  Autumn doesn’t give Sam any slack just because he’s a hot shot hockey player, when he’s being an A-hole she calls him on it. Her number one priority is her son and any mother can relate to that. When Sam stops being such am irresponsible douche bag you can totally see why he is irresistible.  It is a quick passionate read with emotional complexities and you wont be disappointed!