Thursday, April 21, 2011

Video Spotlight: Turquoise Jeep Productions

Ok so my friend recently found these videos on YouTube, and I have to say I laughed so hard I was crying. I have idea if these guys are comedic geniuses or if they are just naturally this ridiculous, but whatever it is, you will laugh your arse off!

1st Video:
Did I Mention I Like To Dance: Flynt Flossy

2nd Video:
Fried or Fertilized: Yung Humma ft Flynt Flossy and Whatchyamacallit

*They have a whole new dance sensation going on with this one. LOL!

3rd Video:
Lemme Smang It: Yung Humma

*For this one they made up a whole new word, Smang, a combo of Smash and Bang. And until this song I never knew there was a difference. Thank you Yung Humma for showing me the light. LOL

This group has other videos on youtube but these are my three favorites! So hilarious!

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