Monday, May 16, 2011

Movie Review: Bridesmaids

 Movie Review: Bridesmaids
Rating: R
Run Time: 125 mins
What it is about:
Lillian (Maya Rudolph ) and Annie (Kristen Wiig) have been best friends all their lives. Annies life is currently the lowest it has ever been, her business failed, her boyfriend left her, her roommates are crazy, and she is working she hates and sucks at. When Lillian announces that she is getting married and she wants Annie to se her Maid of Honor, Annie sees dollar signs flash before her eyes, but despite the cost Annie is determined to be the best Maid of Honor for her best friend. When Annie meets Helen, one of the other bridesmaids for the first time, she sees red! Could she be more perfect?! And the witch is trying to steal her best friend! The movie takes you through all the trials and tribulations of being the Maid of Honor.
What I Thought:
This movie is really funny! What makes the movie so funny is that all the things that happen along the way are things that could actually happen, although, hopefully no one’s luck is really this bad all at one time, but it’s not really all that farfetched.  All the Bridesmaids are funny in their own right but the scene stealer has got to be Melissa McCarthy playing Megan. Her character was freakin hilarious! I guess you would compare McCarthy’s character Megan to Zach Galifianakis character in the Hangover. And speaking of comparisons to the Hangover, a lot of people have called this the female version of the Hangover, and I don’t really think it is a correct comparison. Yes, there are parallels between the two movies, both being comedies about an upcoming wedding, but there are enough differences to make the comparison not a good one. Bridesmaids is a lot more emotionally involved, with the friendship between Lillian and Annie, and with Annie’s life falling apart. However, the emotion isn’t overdone and works in with the comedy very well. You will find yourself laughing and crying throughout the whole movie!
Leave the man at home and make it a Girls Night Out!