Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Product Review: Target RED Debit Card

Target RED Debit Card

5%* Rewards

Now the REDcard saves you 5% on top of our already low prices on every Target shopping trip, every day. As soon as you're approved, the savings begin.

Already have a REDcard? You'll automatically get 5% off when you use your card in stores and online. (Target Debit Card cannot be used online).

Discription from target.com

Product Review:
So a friend of mine told me about the Target Debit card and I was instantly intrigued. If you are anything like me you shop at Target ALL THE TIME!! I ADORE target! I spend hundreds there each month I'm sure. I had heard of the REDcard before but I thought it was just a credit card. I have no interest in getting another credit card, but when I heard there was also a DEBIT card I wondered how that worked. Well it's tied to your current checking account. You dont have to switch banks! When you use the Target Debit card it works like your regular debit card and the funds come directly out of your checking account. The best part, you get 5% off your purchases and it comes right off your total! I'm all about saving money where I can and 5% off what I was going to buy anyway sounds fantastic to me. There are only two bummers about this. 1. You need a blank voided check. I stopped using checks years ago so I had to order some. Thankfully I get free checks with my checking account. Bummer #2. You can't use it online. I dont do much online shopping on target but if I did this would definitely suck!

Now run out and get your own Target Debit card and start saving ASAP! I've already saved around $5 and I just signed up 4 days ago.