Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Shopping Spoils 7/9

So I was on a mission to find some shorts today, so I went to Old Navy, usually they have an over abundance of shorts. Today, not so much. :(  However, they were having a 75% off sale today!! So while I didnt find shorts, I did score on other items.  I spent about 28 bux at Old Navy and then moved on to Marshalls, thinking they had to have shorts. Again, not so much. WTH! I live in Scottsdale, AZ, you would think there would be shorts EVERYWHERE. But not the case the one time I want to go buy some. I did however find a pair of Levi's for 10 bux, so again I scored on an item I totally didnt need, but who could pass up $10 jeans??  I know I couldnt!

So in total I waked away with a pair of Levi jeans, a swimsuit, and 3 shirts and spent less then $40.00! Totally made up for the fact I didnt find the one item I actually wanted.