Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Must Read: Wylie Overstreet - History of the World According to Facebook

This book is a MUST read, why you ask, because it’s hilarious! If only history and biology classes were taught like this book, then I might have actually retained some of the information. LOL!  The first time I saw History of the World According to Facebook, was online. There was a website that had some of the status messages and I thought it funny then and wished there were more. I would occasionally look online to see if it was updated but alas it never was. So, when I was wondering through the Target book section and I saw this book I able squealed with glee, and I never squeal.  I immediately started flipping through the pages and laughing.  I have not yet actually purchased this book, I am waiting for My Kindle Fire to get here so I can read it on my Fire instead of a hard copy. You know I’m all about eBooks!