Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Music - Nero

Who they are:
Nero are an electronic music act from London, England consisting of Daniel Stephens and Joe Ray.  Alana Watson provides vocals on many of the duo's songs, though she is not officially a band member. – From Wikipedia
How I found them:
I first downloaded one of their songs “Promises” from iTunes for FREE (Of course) and I really enjoyed it but didn’t have any tugging feeling to buy more. Then I saw another FREE download called “My Eyes” from Amazon.com (If you hurry you may still be able to pick this one up for free). This one at first I was like WTF for the beginning but after about 20 seconds it really picked up and I enjoyed it. This time I was like two good ones, let me check out some more and I downloaded “Doomsday” which I LOVE!
What they sound like:
They are definitely electronic, along the lines of techno, but more complex in my opinion. Not that I’m any sort of techno expert. A lot of techno or dance music will have 2-3 lines of lyrics that get repeated over and over again, when Nero has lyrics, it is actually full length lyrics. *gasp* full length lyrics in a techno song, no way!  Doomsday is actually full instrumental but the missing lyrics does not detract from the song, the sound is more than enough to carry the song with no lyrics. The song is moody and changes as it goes on, it would fit perfectly into a soundtrack of an alien or fantasy movie. I’m not really sure how to explain Nero effectively; if I had to compare them with another band the closest I would think is Daft Punk or La Roux.
Newest album: