Monday, November 14, 2011

Product Review: Gap - Pebbled Roll Tote in Blue

Gap - Pebbled Roll Tote in Blue
I just bought this purse from the Gap, I got it at 40% off! Yay Sales! So far I really enjoy this purse; there is plenty of room for all my crap without being too bulky. It has two compartments that are a lot larger when you open the purse then they appear on the outside. One of the compartments has an inside zipper pouch. Then there are two outside small pouches where I can put my cell, iPod and keys for easy access. My old purse I had to search all around the main pouch for way longer then I wanted, with this purse they are right there for me to find. I absolutely love the color, it a very pretty blue color that looks great with jeans.
What I don’t like: The shoulder strap is short, you cannot use it as a cross body unless you are tiny; which sucks because I'm lazy and like using the cross body. The second thing which semi-annoys me is the zipper hardware. The tab on the zipper gets skewed and you have to readjust it every time you go to open or close the purse. List Price: $59.95

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