Monday, November 28, 2011

Tune In Tuesday

A weekly meme hosted by Ginger at Greads . It is to showcase music we are currently listening too. 

So here are some of my current listens:

Nero - Promises

I got this one for FREE on iTunes and I've been listening to Nero every since. I have since picked up My Eyes (currently for free on Amazon) and Doomsday. 

Primus - Tragedy's A Coming

I got this jam also for FREE on amazon. Its super funky and a fun listen! I highly recommend it to everyone.

Black Joe Lewis - Livin' in the Jungle

This is I guess classified as Neo Soul but this band is really starting to lean more towards rock n roll. They are a high energy band that are fantastic live! This song is not actually my favorite from this band but it is one of the clearest video they have. And you can see my friend from highschool in the video! He's one of the saxophone players. He's the white one. LOL!