Monday, December 12, 2011

Amazon's 100 albums for $5.00 ea.

So, I'm always looking for a deal and I stumbled across Amazon's 100 albums for $5.00 each. Each month Amazon marks down 100 albums down to $5.00 per album. 

Whats the catch you ask? They have to be a MP3 download, but since so many people have MP3 players this really isn't a big deal. Here is something you may not have known about buying MP3's on Amazon, you can upload any purchased music from Amazon onto iTunes. Yes that is correct, iTunes. So if you have an iPod this is not an issue for you. You can transfer them right over to your current favorite playlist. 

There is some good stuff being offered each month. Last month I bought  30 Seconds to Mars and Joss Stone albums. No matter what your musical tastes you can probably find something to tempt you. 

Some musical heavy hitters featured this month are:

Florence and the Machine
Bruce Springsteen
Allman Brothers
Willie Nelson
Jack Johnson

To see what is being offered Click Here .