Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Pretty Reckless – Hit Me Like a Man EP

Release Date: March 6th, 2012
I purchased this album through Amazon.com for under 4 bucks ($3.61) for 5 songs. And I have to say it was $4.00 well spent! There are two songs that are on the previous album “Light Me Up” but these versions are LIVE! I’m not usually one for live recordings, sometimes the crowd screaming gets in my way, but it was dimmed down in these recordings.
There are three new songs, and they are fantastic! I’ve been a Pretty Reckless fan since I first heard Just Tonight, when I recieved the single as a free download on iTunes. These new songs do not disappoint. They are hard edges, guitar riffs and Taylor’s voice at the forefront.  This is Rock n’ Roll!
I have to take a moment to talk about Taylor Momsens voice. I’m a voice girl, I love or hate voices and in this case I love! I just don’t understand how someone so young can put so much into their voice. If you didn’t know who was singing, you would never guess that the person behind this soulful emotion filled voice was under 18 or maybe she is now just barely 18. Her voice sounds as though she has lived a 100 years and not all of them good.   She just gets it right, and you feel what she feels as she is singing. When she hits certain parts of songs, I’ll even get chills on occasion.
There are so many young starlets singing now days it becomes hard to distinguish between all the teeny bopper voices and cookie cutter songs, this is not the case with actress turned musician Taylor. This is one of the rare cases where I feel like an actor turned musician actually works. I think the only other instance I can think of where the actor turned musician makes you forget that they even acted is Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars.  These two would probably tell you that music was in their blood before acting was even a thought. 
Rating: BUY IT!
My new favorite Pretty Reckless Song: Under the Water
Hit Me Like a Man Tracks:
Make Me Wanna Die (Live) – 4:12
Hit Me Like A Man – 3:33
Under The Water – 4:03
Since You’re Gone (Live) – 3:25
Cold Blooded – 4:43

The sound is a little off, but here is Under the Water from YouTube