Thursday, May 3, 2012

No Shoe Storage? No Problem!

So like most woman I have a ton of shoes! I love shoes, and if I can find them on sale even better. The only problem with a shoe addition is where to put all your shoes. When I moved into my current abode I had a serious problem as to where to put my shoes. I had no room, so when I went to redo my closet, factoring in my space was an issue. I looked into so many different options. I looked at the on the floor shoe racks, bins, and boxes. I spent way too much time at Ikea looking at different options, but what it all came down to was for the space those options took, they couldn’t hold enough shoes and were expensive.

When I was finally at my wits end, it turned out to be my sister who was my savior. I finally remembered that she has a bookcase full of shoes tucked away in her laundry room. So I went back to my closet and did some measuring and realized that a bookcase would fit PERFECTLY in the edge of my closet. So what I did was go to Ikea, bought a cheapy bookcase with adjustable shelves (This was important to maximize shelving space) and I bought a couple of extra shelves. As we all know not all heels are the same height. I then crammed in as many shelves as I could depending on heel height and all of the sudden I had the perfect shoe storage space. Not only does it hold a crap ton of shoes, it displays them nicely so it is never a problem finding the perfect pair.

When the bookcase was done I realized that I still needed something for my flip flops and flats. These are much easier to store but I still didn’t want them on the floor. What I found was one of the cheapy shoe tree type things that go on the back of doors. I found this one at target for like 15 bux. The slots were big enough that I could get both flats or flip flops from the pair into one slot. Sometimes two pairs to one slot. It ended up being perfect. This shoe rack is on the back of my utility closet door, which is coincidently right next to my shoe-case.

I don’t know how many shoes I have stored away, but I know it’s a lot. I suggested the shoe-case to a friend at work, so she went out and bought a bookcase and is now also in love with her shoe-case. There are always creative ways to storing shoes.

Happy Shopping!