Monday, November 13, 2017

No More Plastic! Baskiss Reusable Produce Bags

I hate plastic bags and bottle, I LOATHE them. It hurts my environmentalist soul. So every time I went to the grocery store and put my fruits and veggies in those super thin crappy plastic bags that are too small and too thin to really reuse I cringed. I dont know why it took me so long to go online and look for some reusable produce bags. I had thought about making some, either buying some fabric and sewing it OR crocheting some smaller market bags but I was really just feeling too lazy. Thankfully there is Amazon and eBay.  So I looked around and purchased some reusable bags. I picked these well because the drawstring is a yellowish orange. yes it picked it because of the color... Sue me! Yellow is my favorite color ask anyone who knows me.  So I used them for the first time this past weekend and I am super pleased! All my veggies fit in the different sized bags and you can even rinse them off while still in the bag! Takes my laziness to another level. Im all about it. So now I am sharing my love of reusable produce bags with y'all. Be lazy and save the environment all in one. Go ahead, I dare you!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Book: The Nocturnal Journal

So my other blog is a book review blog, which I occasionally still review on but this book doesn't really seem to fit there. Anyway one day I came home to this sitting on my door step. A nice unexpected present from Penguin Random House. Thanks Penguin Random House!! I mean really how did they know I have sleep issues? 

Anyway, in the front cover it says that this book is not meant to help you sleep better, but I think after reading some of the activities it could help you focus your thoughts so that you can get them down so that you can sleep. I dont know about you, but a lot of the time when I can't sleep it's because Im thinking every thought I've ever had or rewriting a situation in my head to a better outcome. This book gives you some activities centered around some of those common themes that might keep you awake. Anyway I think it could be worth a try. I took some pictures of a few of the activities. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Product Review: Light Mountain Natural Henna Hair Dye

So I decided to try a new henna hair dye. I've been using Henna Color Lab for years and I've always liked it. It has a rich color and lots of colors options for a henna hair dye. BUT you have to order it online and pay shipping. So when I saw this Light Mountain Natural brand in my local Sprouts Grocery Store I decided to try it out. So there are a variety of color options but I wanted a bright red to make a statement. I looked at the color chart on the back. My natural color is a medium brown color so I got the bright red which according to the package would be a nice red color. So I followed the instructions. The provide gloves (I didnt use them, I had my own) and a "cap" which is really just a plastic bag. That I did use and ended up removing it because it kept slipping down my forehead. I left the dye on for the recommended time frame. Rinsed it out. I dried my hair and straightened it. So below is the picture of my still very much brown hair. It was pretty shiny but my hair is usually fairly shinny. I am super disappointed with this product and dont recommend it at all unless you want brown hair. If you like henna or want to try it out, I do recommend Henna Color Lab, link above. I've tried several different ones but this is the best one so far. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Missing Barbados.. So it's picture time

I lived on the tiny island of Barbados for just under two years. Most if the time I don't miss it. I mean dont get me wrong it is BEAUTIFUL! White sand beaches, I lived across the street from the ocean, had a view from every window, but it wasn't home. Plus, it's a tiny island about 128 sq miles around so after a while there isn't much to do. But anyway I've been missing Barbados lately so I thought I'd post some pictures. 

My work squad, we were from all over the world! 

A couple of lovely beach views

This is Oistens Fish Market, Barbados in particular Uncle Georges they make the BEST swordfish on Friday nights. AMAZING! 

So these few pictures were taken along the boardwalk that was ran across the street from my apartment. Where the monkey is, is where we would go drink every Friday. The others are just pretty views as I'd walk to or from work or just to go for a walk. 

I believe this is the beach by the Radisson. 

You know I love to read so here's sitting under a palm tree reading on the beach. That island life tho! 

So this was a video from Foreday Morning which is an all night event during the Crop Over week. Its basically a big parade with drinking and dancing all night and into dawn. It was fun, my old ass only did it once, but I'm glad I did. 

A view from St Lawrence Gap. I loved the fishing boats always reminded me of a small fishing town in Italy.

So I had to get a picture of Rihanna's house. Its not the best but there it is. 

So my friend and I did the Mount Gay (one of the oldest rum distilleries) Rum Tasting Tour. At the end of the tour they would let you make different drinks with the rum. I like rum drinks that taste fresh. Add some cucumber and basil.. Yum! 

Just a pretty sunset picture. I love sunset pictures.

This is the Crane Beach. The Crane has been ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in the past. The water is so blue, it's breath taking. The resort itself is beautiful and they have a great Sunday Brunch; however, I'm not sure I would stay there if I was visiting Barbados for the first time. Its pretty secluded and there isn't much to do around it. No restaurants except the ones on the resort or other things to do. If that is what you are wanting, it's a great place. 

So when my mom came to visit we went on an island surf and turf tour. You get to tour the island by land and then get to go on a catamaran. We had a lot of fun! The few pictures above are from the tour.  

Just relaxing drinking a Banks Beer. Banks is one of the locally made beers and it just happens to be my favorite. It's actually really good. 

This is a video of swimming with the sea turtles. We went on pretty much all of the different catamaran cruises but Jammin is by far the best one. For Adults... Let me clarify that. ADULTS! You can take kids on this one but lets be honest Jammin is the party catamaran. If you are going with kids I'd go on Tiami or the pirate ship one... I can't remember the name of it right now. But beware the pirate ship one, at night is a HUGE party cruise. I'm not even sure they'd let kids on one of the night party cruises. 

Just another pretty sunset. You'll see a few of these. 

I can't remember the name of this beach, but it's on the south east tip of the island. This is where people go to kite surf and wind sail. It's ideal conditions for these two water sports. It's also very pretty. 

These two pictures are from the East Coast, Kettle Wash I think. The East Coast is where people who know how to surf go to surf. I wouldnt recommend learning here. The waves are rough and the beaches are rocky. It's a more wild country side. I saw an internal surf competition here. 

More sunsets. You bored yet?

So this is one of the old wind mills they used to run the rum distilleries back in the day. It's still standing, but I don't think it is in use. 

Just a couple more pictures of the wilder, rocker, rougher terrain of the East Coast 

So those are a few of my pictures of out hundreds I thought I'd share with y'll. I tried to give some variety of some of the different places in Barbados. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

It was Bloody Mary Time!

So it's been a trying week. I got handed a 255 page document that I've had to comb through in 2 days. Now in years past they have had three people working on this document months in advance; however, this year we're short handed so 1 person gets 2 days to work it out... And that lucky person is me... So dont judge me for my mid-week Blood Mary!

Im not a fan of vodka but I've been on a Bloody Mary kick ever since I went to New Orleans for the first time last month. So I sucked it up buttercup and bought myself some vodka and the Bloody Mary fixin's.. I got Svedka brand Cucumber Lime flavor (I was looking for straight cucumber but couldnt find any so this was the next best) and the V8 Bloody Mary Mix. I had some olives, Tabasco and Tajin already at home, I had some A1 so I used that. If you  dont know what Tajin is, its a Mexican (at least I think its Mexican, sorry if it's not) spice concoction. It also goes great with Cheladas (Clamato, beer and spice drink).  So I mixed my Vodka with my V8 to taste. Threw in some Tabasco, some more Tabasco, A1 sauce, Tajin, some more Tajin (dont judge me I like them spicy!) some olives and a bit of the olive juice and boom! I've got myself a Bloody Mary. Now I admit I'm not the best bartender, I tend to make drinks too strong without realizing it. But this time.. I got it just right. Tho you could probably argue that I couldnt taste anything over the spice.. but eh whatevs. It's how I like it. So conclusion. The Svedka Vodka pairs nicely with the V8 Bloody Mary Mix and makes a good Bloody. Now go have your own drink! If you're 21 of course.. wink wink