Saturday, November 4, 2017

Book: The Nocturnal Journal

So my other blog is a book review blog, which I occasionally still review on but this book doesn't really seem to fit there. Anyway one day I came home to this sitting on my door step. A nice unexpected present from Penguin Random House. Thanks Penguin Random House!! I mean really how did they know I have sleep issues? 

Anyway, in the front cover it says that this book is not meant to help you sleep better, but I think after reading some of the activities it could help you focus your thoughts so that you can get them down so that you can sleep. I dont know about you, but a lot of the time when I can't sleep it's because Im thinking every thought I've ever had or rewriting a situation in my head to a better outcome. This book gives you some activities centered around some of those common themes that might keep you awake. Anyway I think it could be worth a try. I took some pictures of a few of the activities.