Wednesday, November 1, 2017

It was Bloody Mary Time!

So it's been a trying week. I got handed a 255 page document that I've had to comb through in 2 days. Now in years past they have had three people working on this document months in advance; however, this year we're short handed so 1 person gets 2 days to work it out... And that lucky person is me... So dont judge me for my mid-week Blood Mary!

Im not a fan of vodka but I've been on a Bloody Mary kick ever since I went to New Orleans for the first time last month. So I sucked it up buttercup and bought myself some vodka and the Bloody Mary fixin's.. I got Svedka brand Cucumber Lime flavor (I was looking for straight cucumber but couldnt find any so this was the next best) and the V8 Bloody Mary Mix. I had some olives, Tabasco and Tajin already at home, I had some A1 so I used that. If you  dont know what Tajin is, its a Mexican (at least I think its Mexican, sorry if it's not) spice concoction. It also goes great with Cheladas (Clamato, beer and spice drink).  So I mixed my Vodka with my V8 to taste. Threw in some Tabasco, some more Tabasco, A1 sauce, Tajin, some more Tajin (dont judge me I like them spicy!) some olives and a bit of the olive juice and boom! I've got myself a Bloody Mary. Now I admit I'm not the best bartender, I tend to make drinks too strong without realizing it. But this time.. I got it just right. Tho you could probably argue that I couldnt taste anything over the spice.. but eh whatevs. It's how I like it. So conclusion. The Svedka Vodka pairs nicely with the V8 Bloody Mary Mix and makes a good Bloody. Now go have your own drink! If you're 21 of course.. wink wink