Thursday, November 2, 2017

Missing Barbados.. So it's picture time

I lived on the tiny island of Barbados for just under two years. Most if the time I don't miss it. I mean dont get me wrong it is BEAUTIFUL! White sand beaches, I lived across the street from the ocean, had a view from every window, but it wasn't home. Plus, it's a tiny island about 128 sq miles around so after a while there isn't much to do. But anyway I've been missing Barbados lately so I thought I'd post some pictures. 

My work squad, we were from all over the world! 

A couple of lovely beach views

This is Oistens Fish Market, Barbados in particular Uncle Georges they make the BEST swordfish on Friday nights. AMAZING! 

So these few pictures were taken along the boardwalk that was ran across the street from my apartment. Where the monkey is, is where we would go drink every Friday. The others are just pretty views as I'd walk to or from work or just to go for a walk. 

I believe this is the beach by the Radisson. 

You know I love to read so here's sitting under a palm tree reading on the beach. That island life tho! 

So this was a video from Foreday Morning which is an all night event during the Crop Over week. Its basically a big parade with drinking and dancing all night and into dawn. It was fun, my old ass only did it once, but I'm glad I did. 

A view from St Lawrence Gap. I loved the fishing boats always reminded me of a small fishing town in Italy.

So I had to get a picture of Rihanna's house. Its not the best but there it is. 

So my friend and I did the Mount Gay (one of the oldest rum distilleries) Rum Tasting Tour. At the end of the tour they would let you make different drinks with the rum. I like rum drinks that taste fresh. Add some cucumber and basil.. Yum! 

Just a pretty sunset picture. I love sunset pictures.

This is the Crane Beach. The Crane has been ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in the past. The water is so blue, it's breath taking. The resort itself is beautiful and they have a great Sunday Brunch; however, I'm not sure I would stay there if I was visiting Barbados for the first time. Its pretty secluded and there isn't much to do around it. No restaurants except the ones on the resort or other things to do. If that is what you are wanting, it's a great place. 

So when my mom came to visit we went on an island surf and turf tour. You get to tour the island by land and then get to go on a catamaran. We had a lot of fun! The few pictures above are from the tour.  

Just relaxing drinking a Banks Beer. Banks is one of the locally made beers and it just happens to be my favorite. It's actually really good. 

This is a video of swimming with the sea turtles. We went on pretty much all of the different catamaran cruises but Jammin is by far the best one. For Adults... Let me clarify that. ADULTS! You can take kids on this one but lets be honest Jammin is the party catamaran. If you are going with kids I'd go on Tiami or the pirate ship one... I can't remember the name of it right now. But beware the pirate ship one, at night is a HUGE party cruise. I'm not even sure they'd let kids on one of the night party cruises. 

Just another pretty sunset. You'll see a few of these. 

I can't remember the name of this beach, but it's on the south east tip of the island. This is where people go to kite surf and wind sail. It's ideal conditions for these two water sports. It's also very pretty. 

These two pictures are from the East Coast, Kettle Wash I think. The East Coast is where people who know how to surf go to surf. I wouldnt recommend learning here. The waves are rough and the beaches are rocky. It's a more wild country side. I saw an internal surf competition here. 

More sunsets. You bored yet?

So this is one of the old wind mills they used to run the rum distilleries back in the day. It's still standing, but I don't think it is in use. 

Just a couple more pictures of the wilder, rocker, rougher terrain of the East Coast 

So those are a few of my pictures of out hundreds I thought I'd share with y'll. I tried to give some variety of some of the different places in Barbados.