Friday, November 3, 2017

Product Review: Light Mountain Natural Henna Hair Dye

So I decided to try a new henna hair dye. I've been using Henna Color Lab for years and I've always liked it. It has a rich color and lots of colors options for a henna hair dye. BUT you have to order it online and pay shipping. So when I saw this Light Mountain Natural brand in my local Sprouts Grocery Store I decided to try it out. So there are a variety of color options but I wanted a bright red to make a statement. I looked at the color chart on the back. My natural color is a medium brown color so I got the bright red which according to the package would be a nice red color. So I followed the instructions. The provide gloves (I didnt use them, I had my own) and a "cap" which is really just a plastic bag. That I did use and ended up removing it because it kept slipping down my forehead. I left the dye on for the recommended time frame. Rinsed it out. I dried my hair and straightened it. So below is the picture of my still very much brown hair. It was pretty shiny but my hair is usually fairly shinny. I am super disappointed with this product and dont recommend it at all unless you want brown hair. If you like henna or want to try it out, I do recommend Henna Color Lab, link above. I've tried several different ones but this is the best one so far.