Saturday, March 9, 2019

Feeling Cheeky

I admit that I've been in a blush rut. I've been wearing the same MAC blush shade for going on 10 years. One day several weeks ago I was in Sephora and on a whim I tried on a bright pink shade and it changed my cheek world.

So I've been on a mission ever since; I bought a drug store brand (can't remember which one) in a pretty pink shade just to make sure my cheek world was still rocked. After a week or so of pink cheeks I decided it was. While I really enjoy the color of the pink blush I bought I really have to dig into the product to apply. So I've been looking for one that is easier to apply.

Online I saw a Flower brand pink that I really liked but couldn't find it in stores, I hedged too long then it was out of stock online. I also saw a Milani pink shade but same story as the Flower. SMH

While surfing Amazon I found a NARS blush palette in peaches and pink that looked promising and at $29.99 I felt like I couldn't pass that up. So I took a chance and purchased (I love me some Amazon Prime). I am really glad I took that chance! While I wish the pink shade on the top right was a bit brighter when I blended it with the darker pink shade below I was happy with the results. I also liked the other four peachy shades. The palette feels right for the time of year with spring on the horizon.

While in my quest for the perfect shades of pink I randomly found this fun metallic pink palette at Ulta for $4.99, again how can I pass that up? The brand is Revolution which is a new to me brand.